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Tolkien e il busto di bronzo

Una curiosa lettera (la n° 288) in cui Tolkien parla del busto che lo rappresenta, ancora oggi collocato a Oxford.
 To Professor Norman Davis

[The English Faculty of Oxford University wished to acquire a bust of Tolkien by his daughter-in-law Faith. The bust was duly presented to them, and now stands in the English Faculty Library.]

10 May 1966
76 Sandfield Road,
Headington, Oxford
Dear Norman,
I feel much honoured, and so also does my daughter-in-law (the sculptress), by the Faculty’s wish to place the bust of me in the English Library in some prominent position – if on second thoughts you do not think a storied urn would be better. I shall be most leased to present it to the Faculty.
It occurs to me that the plaster bust is ra ther fragile and very easily damaged. I suggest, therefore, that I should have it cast in bronze for presentation (at my own cost). I have already referred the matter to the sculptress who knows how these things are done.
Once in bronze it would then be unaffected by any dignities or indignities offered to it. I often used to hang my hat on the Tsar of Russia’s bust, which he graciously presented to Merton.
Yours ever,

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